Some Of The Best Photographers Of All Time


If you desire to take moving and truly memorable photographs, you can really learn something when looking at some of pictures taken by famous photographers. A few of these beloved artists have passed on, and few still intrigue us with the photos they take today. Below is a list of the more well-known photographers and how they have an impact to this day.

Ansel Adams

Adams is still one of the most recognized names when it comes to photographers. The landscape shots he takes are stunning and he has achieved a level that is unparalleled when it comes to contrast with the use of creative type darkroom work.

Yousuf Karsh

Karsh is well-known for taking photographs that are able to portray a story that are easy to understand. Each portrait shot tells information about each subject. He believed that there are secrets behind each and every man and woman. Whether he captured a gesture or a gleam in an eye conducted totally unconsciously, he believed that these were the times that humans lose the masks they wear in a temporary moment.

Robert Capa

Capa is famous for some of the most pertinent war-time photographs. He covered 5 wars and was known for getting into the trenches to take photographs with the soldiers, while the majority of other photographers for the war only took their shots from safer distances.


Henri Cartier-Bresson

This particular photographer uses a style that makes him a natural when featuring on any top photographer list. He was one of the very first to make use of the 35mm film and usually took his shots in black-and-white. His work was limited as he gave up his craft around 30 years prior to his death.

Dorothea Lange

Dorothea Lange took various photographs that covered the Great Depression. She was the photographer that took the shot of the migrant mother that is known today as one of the most popular photographs relating to history. In the era of the 1940’s she took photographs of Japanese Internment Camps. These particular shots portray very sad moments related to American history.

Jerry Uelsman

Uelsman created extremely unique images using composite photos. With a great talent for the darkroom. He utilized his skills when it came to his composites. He never made use of a digital camera, because he decided that his specific creative processes were more suitable for the darkroom.

Annie Liebovitz

Annie specialized in fine-photographic portraits and is famous for the work she did with the Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair magazine. Her photographs have been described as intimate as well as fantastic at describing her subjects.


Brassaï the pseudonym for the name Gyula Halasz and was a well-known photographer for taking shots of ordinary individuals. He was living proof that there was no need to travel around in order to locate interesting subjects. He always made use of normal and ordinary people and all his photographs were known as captivating.

Brian Duffy

This British photographer was well known for fashion photography over the 1960’s and the 1970,s. He lost this interest for a long time and burned various negatives but took it up again just one year before his death.

Jay Maisel

Is a modern photographer and is known for his simplicity without the use of fancy cameras or complex lighting. He is known for usually taking only a single lens when on his photo outings and enjoys taking shots of lights and shapes that he happens to find interesting.

There is a lot one can learn from famous photographers about this craft known as an art.