Ways female escorts keep their ladybits clean & healthy

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Many escorts consider their vagina and other “ladybits” the most important tools in their escort toolboxes, so to speak. Because they rely so heavily on having healthy and clean hoo hoos, it’s important to know how to properly maintain health down there.


1. Maintain a healthy diet.

Generally, eating a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, healthy proteins and good carbohydrates helps your body stay healthy from the inside out. An anti-inflammatory diet is especially good to follow and includes lean proteins, healthy carbs, and natural, unprocessed foods. Good additions to any healthy diet include cranberry juice and yogurt, which are especially good for vaginal health. Cranberry juice helps to decrease chances and effects of urinary tract infections. Yogurt helps to prevent yeast infections and speeds up treatment for them. (Yogurt contains acidophilus, which is a bacteria similar to the healthy bacteria produced in the vagina.) Doctors often prescribe increased soy products for women who experience vaginal dryness. Soy products contain weak forms of estrogen, which helps to increase natural lubrication.


2. Use condoms.

(This is a given when you’re an escort.)

In addition to fighting off sexually-transmitted diseases, condoms also help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to your genitalia. Always require your clients to change into new condoms when switching between oral, anal and vaginal sex to prevent the spread of germs. Additionally, require your clients to use dental dams when they perform oral sex on you – this will block the spread of bacteria from a client’s mouth to your genitals. Bacteria could spread herpes or other nasty stuff, such as yeast infections.


3. Visit your gynecologist regularly.

Women generally see their gynecologists annually and get a pelvic exam, along with a PAP smear. However, because your vagina gets so much extra attention, it might be a good idea to visit your gynecologist a little more often. Many escorts see their doctors quarterly for check-ups to make sure that everything is okay. Your gynecologist can check you for STDs and other infection such as bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis:

A. Bacterial vaginosis: It’s a disease caused by an imbalance of the naturally-occurring bacterial flora in the vagina. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say risk factors include having multiple sexual partners or douching.

B. Trichomoniasis: It’s a common sexually transmitted disease caused by infection with a protozoan parasite called Trichomonas vaginalis. Considered the most curable STD, it often has few or no symptoms.


4. Wear breathable clothing.

While this may be easier said than done when you’re an escort, try to wear loose-fitting, cotton clothing that does not cause you to sweat down there. Wear panties with a cotton crotch, when you can, and avoid thongs except for when you are working. Change as soon as you can when you’re wearing sweaty workout gear or wet bathing suits. When the moist fabric is close to your genitals, it produces heat and even more moisture, which leads to bacteria overgrowth and infections.


5. Wipe yourself from front to back.

Most people know this is how they should wipe themselves after going to the bathroom, but some don’t. As an escort, it’s even more important that you comply with this method as to avoid adding any extra bacteria to your vagina. (It gets enough extra in your line of work.) As you wipe from front to back, you avoid fecal bacteria entering your vaginal area and decrease your chances of contracting a bladder infection. A bladder infection could seriously interrupt your work as an escort.


6. Use gentle soap and water to clean your vagina.

Many escorts want to use perfumed soaps or shower gels because it makes them smell like flowers or other scents they like. These scented soaps may affect the healthy balance of bacteria and natural pH levels in your vagina, causing you irritation, itching or burning. Use a bar of gentle, unscented soap, such as unscented Dove. Another option is Healthy HooHoo. Healthy HooHoo products produce several soaps that are gentle on your ladybits and are made from natural ingredients. Be sure to wash around your vagina; it’s not necessary to wash up inside your vagina, because it cleans itself, much like a self-cleaning oven. Always rinse your vaginal area well after washing. Keep your perineal area clean.


7. Avoid douching.

Although douching used to be the standard for vaginal care, it is no longer considered an option for healthy genital care. It can disrupt your pH balance and the levels of good bacteria in your vagina. It washes out the good bacteria and can leave you with a burning, irritated vagina. Many escorts think that douches can help decrease chances of contracting STDs and other infections. This is not true.


8. Don’t use scented wipes or deodorants.

These specialty wipes and deodorants most probably contain harsh and harmful chemicals that will dry you out and cause you to burn, itch or swell, causing intercourse to be uncomfortable or painful. It’s normal for your vagina to have a natural, human scent. However, if you do notice that your natural scent is replaced with an unpleasant aroma, visit your doctor as soon as you can. A bad odor is often a sign that something is wrong “down there” though you should keep in mind that your natural odor may vary throughout your cycle.


9. Change tampons regularly.

Even though this may not be a regular problem for you as an escort, it may still arise from time to time. When that time of the month comes along, be sure to change your tampon every six hours or more often. Leaving a tampon in longer can cause irritation and bacteria to become trapped in your vagina. Change them regularly and never forget to take them out when your period is over.


10. Dry off after cleaning up.

Because your vagina and surrounding territory is extremely sensitive, gently pat yourself dry after washing. Use a fresh towel or rag each time when you dry off. Reusing the same towel can spread any bacteria you wiped off from last time back to your vagina. Additionally, it’s important to dry off each time to prevent excessive moisture, which can lead to infections and imbalances.


11. Use powder to feel dry.

If you often feel damp or sweaty down around your hoo hoo, sprinkle or dust yourself off with cornstarch. It helps to absorb any moisture that collects in the folds or your skin. Talc may also work, but be extremely cautious to keep from breathing it in.


12. Avoid products made from synthetic ingredients.

Many cosmetics, shampoos and body washes are made from ingredients that include paraben. These ingredients are surrounded in huge controversy. They are said to be cancer-causing when used repeatedly and in high quantities. In addition to paraben, other synthetic ingredients are also included in many products you might choose to use on your ladybits. Think long and hard and do your research. Look for products made from natural products, because they will be less irritating and more soothing to your sensitive areas.


13. Choose water- or silicone-based lubricants. 

Water- and silicone-based lubricants are much better for your sensitive woman parts because they are less drying and irritating. Vaseline, alcohol and other heavy-duty lubricants are actually very drying. When you use these harsher lubricants, you are not only modifying your vagina’s natural balances but also decreasing the amount of natural lube you produce, which isn’t very helpful in escorting.


14. Notice any changes about yourself.

First of all, you need to become very familiar with yourself and how you look down there. Take a mirror and examine yourself closely – look at yourself as a client might. Once you’re clear on your usual appearance, you should be able to easily notice any changes you see down there, as you happen to check yourself out periodically. Look for other less physical changes, such as different discharge levels, colours or smells. Pay attention to any new smells you notice from your vagina. If you have any unexplained itching that lasts for more than a day or two, it could be a sign of an infection. Pain during intercourse or any other discomfort that you experience are signs that something isn’t quite right with your ladybits. Any changes that don’t go away within a couple of days are signs that you should have checked out with your doctor. Regardless of how busy you are, always make time to pay attention to your body and its signs.


15. Wax safely.

Waxing is probably something you do every so often to keep your ladybits prettied up and looking good. However, going to the salon to be waxed could be a recipe for disaster if your esthetician isn’t good or mindful at what she does. The first thing to do when you go to get waxed is to make sure that your esthetician is licensed. As a licensed esthetician, she should know how to wax her clients in ways that will prevent the spreading of germs. Even if she is licensed, pay attention to her methods. If you notice that she double-dips the wax stick, get out of there fast and find a new salon!


While most of these pieces of advice are good for any woman, it’s especially important for Canberra escorts to consider each and every one of them, because they are at higher risk of problems associated with their vaginas. Vaginal issues are never pleasant for any woman, but they can effectively suspend your Canberra escort business if you fail to take care of yourself.




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