Car Rental VS Private Car For Your Next Vacation

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You have already mapped out every detail of your upcoming road trip. You may have already booked the hotel rooms, tours, and jotted down all the interesting places to visit. But who will be driving? Will you go in your own car or choose a car rental? When it comes to long-distance driving, most people love to be a passenger than drive. In fact, long-distance road trips could easily rack up mileage and wear and tear of the vehicle at the end of the day. These are the known threats when planning to drive your own car for your next trip. There are many ways to compare the pros and cons of driving your car vs. car rentals when planning your next trip.

One way is to compare the numbers such as the gas mileage, tire wastage, vehicle depreciation, and wear and tear experienced by your vehicle to choosing a car rental service for the trip. This article provides information on the pros and cons of driving your own car vs a car rental service for your next road trip.

The Condition Of Your Own Car

The most important thing is to take stock of your current vehicle before deciding to use the services of a reliable car rental in the area. If you own a fairly old car (for example, a car that is more than 8 years old or already done a mileage of more than 120,000) you should do better with a reliable car rental for your vacation. A car will last for an average of 12 years or 160,000 miles. In fact, the car tends to be less reliable in the last 25% of its lifespan. Hence, if your has done more than 120,000 miles or is more than 8 years old, it is less likely to be reliable than a new car. Such a car is not the best option for a long-distance trip. That is why you should opt for a reliable car rental on the market in case you plan a long-distance trip and have an old car.

The Fuel Efficiency Of Your Car

The fuel efficiency of your own car is also important to consider before you decide to rent a car for your long-distance trip. In case you are owning a brand new SUV or truck, the fuel cost associated with a 500-mile road trip could be quite daunting at times. It might be much better to rent a car for your trip under such circumstances. On the other hand, consider how comfortable your family car is. If the car isn’t that comfortable, you might not want to take it for your 500-mile road trip. In fact, your family would prefer to get more comfortable in a rent a car than traveling in your own car that isn’t quite comfortable.

You Need To Be Comfortable And Relax During The Trip

In case you have been driving your family around for the whole week, you would prefer to choose a chauffeur-driven car rental so that you can enjoy the trip as a passenger and relax during the tour. In fact, it is hard to put a price on comfort and relaxation at times. These are some of the most common instances where you would prefer to choose a reliable car rental in town when planning your next long-distance road trip.

How To Find The Right Car Rental?

Once you have decided to rent a car for your long-distance trip, the next step is to choose a reliable rental service on the market. Australia has its own share of car rental services spread across Queensland. But all these service providers are not created equal. There are many cheap rental services that are not the best for long-distance trips in Australia. You should choose a company that specializes in long-distance road trips. They should have the right type of vehicles to suit the kind of road trip you plan. Make sure that you do the research before shopping for the best rent-a-car company in the area. 1300 Meteor Rentals ( is one of the most trustworthy and reliable rental services in Queensland. They have over 35 years of experience renting all types of vehicles to customers across the country. Call them today for all your long-distance vehicle rental needs in Queensland.