Benefits of Short Run Packaging

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Benefits of Short Run Packaging

Short run packaging makes a lot of sense for smaller business who don’t need to print large amounts. But it can also benefit larger companies who are also looking to print much smaller quantities without being tied to minimum print requirements.

With short run packaging comes many promising benefits. These include:

#1 Cost savings

Short Run Packaging | Star Stuff GroupThis is one of the more obvious benefits of choosing short-run packaging. Traditionally, if consumers who wanted manufacturers to print their packaging they had to agree to print a minimum of 500 packaging units. However with short-run packaging, not having to overspend because of minimum print units set by manufacturers is a big win. This flexibility now allows you to print what you actually need, saving your business greatly deal of money.

#2 Testing

The flexibility of short-run packaging allows businesses to gain invaluable insight into the quality and potential performance of their products. Because there is no longer a print minimum hurdle to overcome, clients can now print out their packaging solutions in as little or as big as the quantity that they like. This gives clients the greater freedom to test out different types of packaging ideas and to see how they appear and function in real life.

Analysing your packaging in 3D form is a much more effective alternative to drawn ideas and mockups. With the introduction of short-run packaging, clients can even go a step further to test their ideas by supplying audiences with their packaging ideas. This is a helpful way to receive feedback from prospective customers on how to possibly improve and make their product more marketable.

#3 Reducing risks

Mass producing your packaging in bulk can leave you prone to damage from unexpected natural disasters such as fires and floods. It can even put you at risk of being robbed. The best way to prevent such risks is to only produce the items that you know you will use in the near future. Ordering in bulk can also increase the risk of your business suffering a great loss of cash flow. Without being able to produce items in small increments for testing, it makes it so much harder to spot any errors or mishaps.

Could you imagine paying so much for your order only to realise that there are problems with your content? Luckily the flexibility of short-run packaging allows you to avoid such scenarios.

#4 Get creative with your products

Traditional packaging production made it very difficult for clients who wanted to produce seasonal custom packaging. However with short run packaging, you can get creative and offer your customers more variety of your products. You can even make your customers feel a little bit extra special by custom design packages that are meant to be for a limited time.

#5 Reduced need for storage space

You no longer need to make space for incoming oversized orders that you really didn’t need.  Tailoring your orders to suite your specific quantity will significantly reduce your need for storage space, saving you time and money in general.

#6 Faster turnaround

You can expect faster turnarounds with short run packaging. You can rely on Star Stuff to manufacture just a few packages and have them ready on such a short notice. Based in Queensland, Star Stuff offer an impeccable service that provides short run packaging to meet all our clients’ needs. Our 100% Australian owned company is not only cost-effective but offers the best and most flexible print and packaging solutions you can get!

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